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Posted: January 9, 2009 in r-flection!#
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I remember one day we had a D.A.R.E officer come in to my 5th grade class and talk to us about the dangers of drugs and violence. After the talk, he asked if anyone had any questions.

“Don’t be afraid, there’s no such thing as a dumb question!”, he proclaimed.

My hand went up first.

“Is it true cops sit around all day eating donuts?”

“I stand corrected”, he said then pointed at me, “that is a dumb question.”

It’s strange because I wasn’t trying to make fun of him. Honest. I just wanted to know if all things I heard as a kid growing up were true or not. Up until that point, that was my honest idea of what the fuzz did.

All my little snot-nosed classmates got a kick out of it but I ended up having to stay after class. I still remember that day as the day I learned what cops did for a living.

Go to elementary schools and pick on litte kids.