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3141592653589793238Thanks to everyone who left feedback on Part Une of this experiment, it means a lot. Actually, thanks to anyone whose ever left a comment on any of posts. I wasn’t really sure if anyone was going to give a crap about my random facts, but I’m glad some of you do. 🙂 And about the whole π thing, it’s a bit of a secret to those around me. I certainly don’t go bragging about it . . . not that such a trivial tidbit of info deserves being boastful about to begin with. And I’m also glad to hear that there are more social introverts out there in the world. We should all get together some time and party. Then again, the big crowds might prove to be a problem. Hmm. How ironic.

Anyways, here are facts number six, seven, and eight: (more…)


A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found over-enthusiastic head-banging  may lead to concussions or mild brain injuries.

I thought having brain damage is what makes you wanna head-bang in the first place?

You mean perfectly sane people repeatedly headbutt the air too?

By the way, headbutt is butthead spelled backwards . . . wait, no.

One researcher who attended a recent Jonas Brothers concert was quoted as saying, “If you observe people after the show they clearly look dazed, confused and incoherent, so something must be going on and we wanted to look into it.” Yeah, it’s called drugs. How else do you end up at a Jonas Brothers concert?

Do people even head-bang at their shows? Hm.

What am I talking about, of course not! Because no one even goes to their shows.

I’ve seen bigger crowds at a McCain rally. Wait, the election is long over. Scratch that last one from the record please.