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I don’t know if anyone’s seen those eHarmony commercials that are always airing. It’s an online match making service that pairs up men and women based on compatibility. The ads are always cheesy success stories featuring a good looking woman talking about how she ended up marrying a good looking dude thanks to this service.

But these commercials don’t show the real America. The real America has interracial couples, same-sex couples, and most common of all, fat couples. None of which are EVER shown in these ads. Sup with that? The truth is, eHarmony isn’t filled with hot people ready to be paired with other hot people. They’re filled with average Joes. It’s about time these commercials start reflecting that.


Today I was reminiscing about one of my middle school teachers from way back when. What made this particular instructor memorable was his size. He was morbidly obese.