20 things about . . . me?!?! (Part Trois)

Posted: March 2, 2009 in note from zee author, r-flection!#
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dragnetJust the fact’s Ma’am.

If you recognize that catchphrase . . . then you and I would most likely be friends.

Anywho, here’s nine, ten, eleven, TWELVE:

(if you started singing this song just now, you and I would definitely be friends.)


IV. I like watching Jeopardy! I don’t get to see it every day, but I try to catch it when I can. Every now and then, a contestant will answer every question in a single category correctly (as will I) and the entire crowd will applaud and cheer him/her. I like to pretend they are applauding me as well, dorky I know. It’s also a great feeling when all three contestants don’t know the correct response and I am screaming it at the television. Makes me feel smert. If you ever want to feel really intelligent then watch teen Jeopardy!; it’s ten times easier than the regular version and they always seem to pick the most socially awkward kids, with the lamest stories. Will I ever tryout to get on-air? Hell no. That show is for nerds.

Which brings me to . . .

X. I am a closet nerd. That is to say, none of my friends know how much I love to study philosophy, physics, astronomy, quantum mechanics, and all the other areas of academia in which I so fiendishly indulge myself in. The reason only a handful of people know I like that kind of stuff is because I seldom bring it up in conversation. Most of my friends simply don’t care and actually look down on giving a shit about learning. To these philistines I say, to each his own. I see life as a never-ending learning experience, one that does not stop once you no longer attend school. Reality, and all it encompasses, is just way too interesting to be apathetic. So to everyone out in the blogosphere, now that you know that I can recite pi and that I watch Jeopardy!, you know something about me that my friends don’t . . . and if you tell them I’ll kill ya. [There’s a second kind of “nerd”, the ones who are painfully awkward geeks and spend their entire lives playing video games in their moms basement instead of talking to the opposite sex. That’s not my steez.]

XI. I lose a lot of socks. I mean, a lot of socks. I have to buy a brand new pack every couple of months. Where do the old ones disappear to? Someone please tell me as I am dying to know. My best guess would lead me to believe that they are hiding out for the time being and banding together for a coup d’état of sorts. One day a huge balls of socks is going to come rolling at me out of nowhere and eat me alive. I mean, seriously, how else could you explain not being able to find hundreds over socks over the years? They can’t just vanish into thin air, there just has to be a revolution coming. I’m kinda scared. [Extra Super Bonus Fact: I only wear low ankle cut socks, never anything higher.]

XII. The morning after watching The NeverEnding Story, I watched it yet again. But this time, with all my stuffed animals, so that they could watch it too. That was just last week.

Just kidding, it happened a long time ago, yet still fresh in my mind as ever.

edit: this made me laugh:


  1. Susi Spice says:

    ill wait to post my real comment…im just waiting to see cuantas chicas deciden declarar que son tu perfecta mujer porque ellas tambien en ese preciso momento cantaban la cancion de s.street… y que ellas tambien no pueden creer que a ti te gusta todo lo que ellas le gustan jaja. secretamente lo hago para conocer mi competicion 😉 haha.

    je suis le capitan .. coup détat…
    merci pour le parte trois monseur nerdottomann 😛

  2. sly0208 says:

    I can almost decipher that!!

    Just sayin’…

  3. Oh Susi Spice…..don’t worry I am not competition!! 🙂

  4. planetross says:

    Your socks are probably unreported roadkill. I see a lot of socks on the sides of the road around here. It’s an undocumented tragedy … I may start a campaign soon.

    Alex Trebek is Canadian: his name means “3 Becks” in French.

  5. Susi Spice says:

    lol love that planetross, unreported roadkill haha 10 points.

  6. gigidiaz says:

    Um…. yeah we can’t be friends. Maybe it’s that I grew up in a different country, but “just the facts ma’am” says nothing to me and that link to the 123456789101112 is really really …. weird. Either way, I still think, in all your weirdness, you are one of the coolest bloggers I know.

    I lose socks too. I buy packs monthly as well because I just don’t know where they go. Does THAT make us friends???

  7. chloë says:

    haha the never ending story fact was amusing, it’s something i would do; even now at 21

  8. Susi Spice says:

    hola guapo a donde te has desaparecido??

  9. jruthkelly says:

    it’s official. you’re a dose of humor i can’t miss. and i love the 123456789101112 song.

  10. jaimsphoto says:

    You are a very entertaining person. I love reading your blog!

  11. dmwright says:

    Great post – I love Jeopardy! My kid is named Alex and when he was real little he called himself Alex Trebeck. Did you realize that when you were yelling at the TV, thinking you were so smart, you spelled smart wrong? I wasn’t sure if that was on purpose or not. If so – good one! If not…dude.

  12. Susi Spice says:

    hey ottomann, where are you possum? u ok?

  13. Blitzkrieg Barbie says:

    We would be best friends except for the fact that you planted that lovable yet damnable song in my head.

    I shall be singing it all night.

  14. we might be bff’s especially with that chocolate chex! 🙂

  15. I love Jeopardy too! I am also a closet nerd/geek/dork, whatever you want to call it! HAHA

    I am glad to be back and reading your stuff again, it always makes me laugh! By the way this is V…I had to move my other blog due to stalkers…YUCK! Hope to see you over there!


  16. amandagibbs says:

    Ok i love watching Jeopardy too, so I guess that makes me partially a nerd. I’m fine with that, I find it interesting and I love to feel smart yelling answers as well!

    Speaking of..its on, I gotta make this quick. As for your socks, I believe the dust bunnies or the dryer of doom is holding them hostage for ransom. Good Luck finding them, we have the same issue in my house.

  17. Wynn says:

    I’m totally amazed by the number of visitors you’re having even though you just started the blog. I wanna be funny too, damnit! And, yeah, you should really start posting “again”.

  18. Tony says:

    Hey I used to love Dragnet, haven’t seen it since I was a kid, except for the Tom Hanks/Dan Akroyd movie. I think it had Tom Hanks or was it just Dan Akroyd on his own????
    Love the 123456789101112 song too…….

  19. gordon says:

    you’re using an image of mine without permission— all you had to do was ask permission and it would have been fine:)

    please remove the puppet image located at http://www.newciv.org/pic/nl/artpic/241/380/puppet.jpg by August 1, 2009.

    thank you,

  20. gordon says:

    you’re using an image of mine without permission— all you had to do was ask permission and it would have been fine:)

    please remove the puppet image located at https://ottomann.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/sock_puppet.jpg?w=179&h=176

    by August 1, 2009.

    thank you,

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