20 things about . . . me?!?! (Part Une)

Posted: February 22, 2009 in note from zee author
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So it seems as though I’ve been neglecting this blog as of late. Quite sad considering it started off so well! Why exactly has it been tailing off so much? Good question.  It’s a bit laziness, a bit busy-ness (business just didn’t look/sound right), lack of ideas, getting drunk. Work has been beating me up lately, so when I get home all I want to do is crack open a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and play with my dog. Anyways, I decided today that enough is enough!

So without further ado, and upon request, 20 random facts about me (one through five):

jim_beam_white1. My favorite liquor is bourbon, Jim Beam to be specific. Very good times and very VERY bad times have been had on this smooth drink. Part of its allure is the fact that when I start drinking it, I don’t know whether my pants will be on or off by time the bottle is done. It’s the surprise factor that draws me in!

2. If I could change any part of me, physically, it would be my eyes. My eyelids are naturally droopy or whatever, so I look stoned and/or Asian most of the time. It sucks because people think I’m high all the time, but on the other hand they assume I must be great at math. It’s both a gift and a curse.

3. I can recite pi to 10 decimal places. I can also do this with pi squared, pi cubed, and pi to the fourth power. All of them to the tenth decimal place. When will I need this info? Never. How, or better yet, why do I know it? I have no idea. I just do. It’s stuck and I can’t get it out. What’s weird is that my memory is otherwise very horrid. I also dislike math very much; it’s too structured for my tastes. There’s very little room for expression. It’s so robotic and formulaic. Bo-ring!

4. Poker used to be my life. I used to breathe, dream, eat, LIVE poker. Literally. When I wasn’t poker-dogplaying (which was rarely) I would be studying the game. Every book and magazine I could get my hands on, I would read . . . twice. I’d eat dinner in front of my computer watching poker instructional videos. I’d take showers while criticizing, both out loud and in my mind, hands I played.  When I’d fall asleep I would play poker in my dreams. I’m not joking either. I took it very seriously and my results showed that. Poker paid my entire expenses for over a year . . . then I stopped playing so much.

5. I’m a sociable introvert. It’s a bit of an oxymoron. I’d rather stay inside any day of the week. Weekends? I don’t care, I want to stay in and cook up some great food and just chill out; I hate big crowds. I hate rude people bumping into you, getting in your way. I hate people who get too drunk and ruin the night for everyone by being assholes. I enjoy sleeping in and doing it early. Laying on the couch should be an Olympic sport. Give me the gold medal. That being said, I enjoy going out. I enjoy meeting new people. Walking up to complete strangers and making random conversation is one of my absolute favorite things to do. While I may be quiet in large crowds, once I warm up to you I’ll have you laughing in no time. This is why all those so called “personlity tests” are hard for me. I prefer staying inside, but have no problem going up to strangers and trying to make them laugh. Apparently, this isn’t normal?

Be on the lookout for more “random facts you’d rather not know” in the future!

  1. Random facts you’d rather not know..I LOVE it!

  2. London says:

    Looking stoned and/or Asian present any advantage during those poker games?

    “I just cannot read this guys impenetrable squint…”

    Maybe not…

    “I enjoy sleeping in and doing it early.”

    I enjoy sleeping in too, but don’t have a particular timetable for doing it.

    Looking forward to the rest of the list.

  3. megan says:

    1. I’ve never developed a taste for bourbon. I’m a vodka gal, myself.

    2. Droopy eyelids are better than droopy man-boobs.

    3. I am impressed.

    4. I’m good at the game of poker, and tend to be fairly lucky with cards, but I can never keep a straight, necessary poker face.

    5. I think you and I would get along VERY well.

  4. Wow, a social introvert? That’s a very interesting personality

  5. Susi Spice says:

    you know i hardly drink and am not a fan of jimbo-beano eewwwwww
    hehe u know the other bad thing about droppy eye-lids and ppl thinking u are asian… they would also assume that …ah… u may lack in a few inches…. u know… nudge nudge… hehe.

    by the way i am so totally with you on the personality thing! i have been assessed as both an introvert and extrovert at the same time like that test… by that guy… myers-briggs i think? and u are assessed as one of a combination of 4… like SIPN or ISTP something like that… i got the weird combo, several times, of both introver extrovert…apparently we ar special hehe

  6. Bring on the rest! 🙂

  7. chloe says:

    i’m lucky to have him also 🙂
    i lol at your comment..
    it’s ok, you’re not the first to notice

    jim beam is a nice choice & so to is poker 🙂
    “Why exactly has it been tailing off so much?” – sometimes i’ve found i loose inspiration to blog, write, take photographs even; i find something else to occupy myself with & then all of a sudden i’ve got an idea
    – what i mean to say is, you’re not the only one

  8. whatigotsofar says:

    Have you ever had Bookers Bourbon. I think it’s a select grade of Jim Beam or something. If you ever get the chance, go for it. That stuff will put hair on the hair on your ass.

  9. leakelley says:

    Show us a picture of the eyelids, the stoned guy, great at math, eyelids!
    Wouldn’t it be great if strangers would come to your house with bourbon and start a poker game while you laid on the couch and asked them questions?
    Now THAT’S the life!

  10. Doraz says:

    Glad you are back! Thanks for sharing! I do the same thing when it comes to strangers, you are not weird! My goal each day is to get as many people to smile, as possible! *(* Keep up the creative end~love it all!

  11. amandagibbs says:

    OMG Ok for one I love this information about you, it gives more insight into who YOU are. And #2 I know other social introverts hence the OMG i am going to have to make them aware that that is exactly what they are. Brilliant!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Wow – impressed by the “Pi” knowledge… hats off to you, my friend. 🙂

  13. jcow81 says:

    Nothing wrong with these facts. I think we all have our booze of choice which adds the mystery factor. My only thing is what up with the whole Pi thing? Come on! You talkin loco and I think I like it. anyway, hats off to your list!

  14. Selma says:

    Great to learn more about you. A pi-reciting, poker playing, Jim Beam man, eh? Sounds like my kind of people!!

  15. thezeninyou says:

    LOL… You hate math, yet can recite Pi 50 different ways and have droopy eyes that make you look like a math genius. Yes, a blessing and a curse…

  16. planetross says:

    interesting … very interesting.
    I only know pi up to eight pieces … or decimal points … or however one calls a slice in these pious times.

  17. airolyn says:

    eew math…..

    amen – its waaay too structured! give me an art canvas and paint or a giant pencil and THAT is enjoyable! math? not so much….
    cant wait to read the future facts!

  18. S. Le says:

    #5 sounds like me as well.

    It is just sick you can recite pi to 10 decimals. Just sick. Maths are evil! (lol)

  19. pinnythewu says:

    wheres part deux gone!?

  20. moreprivate says:

    #5 is exactly like me. Except I’m slightly more sociable because if I don’t go out I’ll go mad. But that might be because I hate everyone in my house?

  21. Romi says:

    Wow…I think the “pi” information was injected into you by aliens while you were sleeping…what else could explain it??? Hmm…do you have any unexplained scars on your forehead? Or maybe the alien’s incision was made in the scalp…you should look into that….!!

  22. ED says:

    What the fuck is this self-indulgent crap? You actually take the time to write all this down and upload it? Come on, man, seriously, think about it for a couple of minutes.

  23. Devin says:

    Hey i was wondering if i could use the photo of the Jim Beam bottle im my school assignment about teenage binge drinking ?

    -Kind Regards

  24. Murphy Kismet says:

    #5 – “social introvert” – YES! That’s me! NOW I have a label!
    Well, er, I mean, um… Now I don’t feel so… un-label-able, if that’s even a comprehensible idea.
    Yeah, kinda like “social introvert”, an oxymoron that works. 😀

  25. Yew4ic says:

    A laugh with a total stranger, can be the best of all. At least I think so.

  26. Kismet Murphy AKA Kismet Coons says:

    Holy Smokes, you have my name, but backwards. What a weird combo to come together twice!

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