best birthday ever?

Posted: February 1, 2009 in yokes
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surprise!!A kindergartner in Dayton, Nevada got quite the birthday gift. After ripping off a couple layers of wrapping paper, he discovered his dad had come back from his tour in Iraq! What a surprise, huh?

When asked about his gift, the child replied, “It was nice, but I really wanted a Wii, hope you kept the receipt.”

No word yet on whether the exchange has been made yet.

  1. Susi Spice says:

    im surprised the kids reaction wasnt “who dat mommy?”. but yeah feel good story of the day… a bit on the sappy side ottomann… you feeling ok?? hehe

  2. mynooch says:

    WTF?? that’s a crappy present for a kid.. oh by the is your $25 Savings Bond.. good luck cashing that in.

  3. Joy says:

    Kids really do speak their minds!! LMAO!!!

  4. kittyscreations says:

    Something about that guy’s eyes is creepy. It almost looks like some kind of doll.

  5. magpye says:

    Yeah, I’d have screamed if I ripped off the paper and that face was looking out at me… it’s just unsettling.

  6. LOL…I love how the son punched the wrapping paper when he couldn’t get it off the first time.

    “Oops, sorry for punching you in the face daddy…” lol. This was a good one though.

  7. leakelley says:

    Okay, this inspires a lot of morbid “Daddy came home in a box” issues for that child that I don’t want to explore. But it is a nice story.

  8. rachellutterman says:

    Few things my friend:

    1. Thanks for the comment. TurboTax is back- YAY!

    2. This story completly melts my heart.

    3. Don’t be a stranger and thanks for stopping by. I now have a new blog to read- Another YAY!! 🙂

  9. cute! Wiis are awesome, so I can’t blame him! 🙂

  10. ummmmheyyyy says:

    bahahahaha this is the first thing I’ve read all day that actually matters.

  11. chloé says:

    haha; that’s a bit creepy though
    couldn’t he have jsut bought the kid a wii & celebrated his return normally(?)

  12. waimomona says:

    Oh, that is precious!

  13. airolyn says:

    “um… daddy….as a present….? WHERES MY VIDEO GAME PLAYING DEVICE THAT I WOULDNT EVEN BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE?!?! i want my wiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!”

    really scary that i kindergardener wanted a wii. over his father. ay ay ay…

    and yea, the whole rip-of-the-wrapping-paper-and-see-a-super-smiley-face would scare me – father or not…….

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