the more the merrier

Posted: January 30, 2009 in yokes
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baby Recently, a woman in southern California gave birth to octuplets. That’s right. Eight babies at once.

Due to the struggling economy, three of the babies have already filed for unemployment.

  1. HA HA
    that is SO SO CRAZY

  2. warriorwitch says:

    That’s not funny, it’s halarious.

  3. amandagibbs says:

    Shouldn’t this be illegal, like tax fraud? I mean come on you get what is it $3,000 per child. That woman is milking the Government now.

  4. evelyn8608 says:

    HA! Yeah I read about that… and she has 6 OTHER children….. share the wealth baby hog! There are people in this world who can’t have babies!

    PS: If wikipedia were a person… I’d marry it! I love wikipedia 🙂 The only thing this that I wikipedia my topic and then I click on the oh so convenient blue links and go to another topic… and one after that…. and another… and another…. and some how I got from looking at ‘violins’ to ‘cereal killers’ to ‘cats’ to ‘air conditioning’ or something crazy like that. I love it!

  5. Susi Spice says:

    a woman after your own heart…

  6. moreprivate says:

    You are amazing. LMFAO. I lovelovelove your blog. This is hilarious.

  7. Tuzz says:

    Haha, good one.

    Love the consonance of your blog title, 😉

  8. Tuzz says:

    ah, crap. I meant alliteration.

    I confuse those too frequently.

  9. Joy says:

    Don’t even get me started on this. I’m doing a post next week on it.

  10. […] debauchered.  I scored a business card from a man named Angelo who is likely not the father of my future 14 children.  Woke up to eat a waffle, determine the level of my dehydration, and add Angelo on […]

  11. madamelibrarian says:

    Gosh, that pingback is as ostentatious as pack of 14 children.

  12. gigidiaz says:

    Oh that’s such a guilty and absolutely amazing laugh. I heard this news on NPR and I was wondering what the poor woman was going to do to raise these eight, 8, EIGHT children with things as they are. Three of them already piled up some pretty hefty hospital debts with their breathing issues… Eek. I plan on not having babies until after 2012. I figure, between the economy doing so poorly and the Mayans saying the world is ending in 2012, why bother with babies now?

  13. She already had six children. Now the family is filing for bankruptcy.

  14. chloé says:

    what about the lady who has 14 children now; or is this that one(?)


  15. John and Kate Plus 8 just got canceled on TLC…

  16. Okay that just made me laugh out loud… good work!!

  17. Amanda says:

    Hahahaha. You’re so funny. I love your posts:)

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