101 ways to NOT congratulate a blind person

Posted: January 14, 2009 in peek shores!!?
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  1. shoalswriter says:

    Are you sure you’re not my husband??? Nope — he would never write such a clever blog without having to let me know! Thanks for stopping by mine and posting. I appreciate it.

  2. 2twentythree3 says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL That’s hilarious!!

  3. striggity says:


  4. delaney55 says:

    That is just soooo wrong…and funny.

  5. HeartCooksBrain says:


  6. red froot loop says:


    so simple yet so hilarious!!

  7. weedsmokesweed says:


  8. Joy says:

    This is just too funny!

  9. mynooch says:

    Wicked.. i hear the blind don’t appriciate playing Row Sham Bo either

  10. dmwright says:

    LOL – I thought you were a spammer when you commented on my blog. I am really glad I checked you out.

  11. Debora says:

    #64: The big-smile-and-two-thumbs-up.

  12. mcnorman says:

    Memo to self: After visiting Ottomann @ wordpress, I must remember not to fist bump any blind person.

  13. leakelley says:

    Love the cartoon!

  14. You do seem to have PHUN with your postings. As for me … following RuLez is definitely NOT my strong suit these daze so publishing Witty Wednesday on Thursday seems quite normal somehow ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. mindsaymohan says:

    that is perfection.

  16. kweenmama says:

    Funny! Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me happy birthday. I’ve read all of your posts and enjoyed each of them. Glad you decided to jump into the blogosphere!

  17. whojen says:

    Hahaha very nice indeed!
    who knows maybe the blind man would take the walking stick and hit you on the head saying

  18. Gabriel... says:

    Funny, and topical. Nicely done.

  19. defluffe says:

    I thought it would’ve been slightly more painful (funnier, whatever) if you said, “HIGH FIVE!” to the blind guy, and he raised his billy stick and started aiming for the general area around your face…

    But that made me laugh for a solid 3 minutes there. Kudos!

  20. trish says:

    HAHAHA!!! Oh, god, this is awesome.

  21. Doraz says:

    Watch out you don’t get hit with that swinging cane! HaHa Happy weekend!

  22. faemom says:

    f-ing hilarious.

  23. daintygrape says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is awesome!

  24. cherrykillsme says:

    haha.. that was hilarious.!

  25. lienette says:

    lol… that’s hilarious!

  26. pamajama says:

    oh man, Hilarious:) This was great!

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