A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found over-enthusiastic head-banging  may lead to concussions or mild brain injuries.

I thought having brain damage is what makes you wanna head-bang in the first place?

You mean perfectly sane people repeatedly headbutt the air too?

By the way, headbutt is butthead spelled backwards . . . wait, no.

One researcher who attended a recent Jonas Brothers concert was quoted as saying, “If you observe people after the show they clearly look dazed, confused and incoherent, so something must be going on and we wanted to look into it.” Yeah, it’s called drugs. How else do you end up at a Jonas Brothers concert?

Do people even head-bang at their shows? Hm.

What am I talking about, of course not! Because no one even goes to their shows.

I’ve seen bigger crowds at a McCain rally. Wait, the election is long over. Scratch that last one from the record please.

  1. delaney55 says:

    It makes sense that vigorous head banging (air or not) would shake things up enough to leave you dazed. Maybe that is why some of them do it to get that woozy feeling without taking drugs?

    Remember as a child, spinning around until you got woozy? Maybe head banging is the adult version.

  2. annieepoetry says:

    I thought about what you said and I think you are right. No one goes to Jonas Brothers’ concerts. And if by chance someone did, that person would not head bang. One preteen girl doesn’t head bang by herself.

    Great Blog. I laughed three times at least.

  3. commontater says:

    OK, so I’m glad you stopped in at PuC’s place because “you made me look” and I have to admit I like your sense of humor. I need humor, man. It’s my daily fix. Usually I get it from C-SPAN but now I’m going to have to stop in here frequently. *tricksy titters*

    *blush* Who the hayell is Jonas Brothers? Dr. Brothers rugrat? Just asking..


  4. commontater says:

    Hey, Bro delaney55! Yo my bro…! I been looking fer you for years, man. Give me 5!

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  6. defluffe says:

    What you said made me think of their movie Camp Rock. I mean, all you see are those 3 goofballs (I’m being polite here) “slamming” on guitars but there were these drums and backup singers coming up out of nowhere. But you still see people, I mean tweenie girls, just “rocking out” to their crap.

    And you’re right, you’d need drugs to go to Jonas Bro’s concert. That, or a fetish for thick ugly eyebrows.

  7. cherrykillsme says:

    hehe.. so.. your blog just became my favorite.

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