beep beep

Posted: January 7, 2009 in yokes
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“Where do you get off?” I’m sure  you’ve heard that response when someone says something really mean and demeaning to someone else. It’s like saying, “What high horse are you on to talk down to me?” Well, I want to insult a bus driver one day and have him/her say that to me.

Me: “Hey dude, you really smell.”

Bus driver: “WHAT?! Where do you get off —”

Me: “Right here!”

Then I would step off the bus and walk away smiling. This is one of my missions in life.

  1. Jeremy says:

    i didnt laugh, and you didnt say that you’re sorry.

  2. thenoz says:

    That’s a pimp Noz move son..

  3. thenoz says:

    P.S. Jeremy is a fag

  4. designacure says:

    I on the other hand found it quite humorous.

  5. The Totton linnet says:

    You do have a special take on life

  6. nursemyra says:

    I find ambition in a man a very attractive trait 🙂

  7. ladycool says:

    I actually LOL’d. Thanks for the laugh.

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