Hurry before this deal ends!

Posted: January 4, 2009 in C.R.E.A.M.
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I’ve noticed car dealerships seem to use ANY excuse to have some kind of sale. It’s Christmas? We’re having a Christmas Day Sale! It’s Memorial Day? It’s a Summer Blowout Event! Its Tuesday? You’re in luck! We’re running our “Days That Ends with The Letter Y Sale”! Everything must go!!!

Do they ever run out of excuses to have a sales event? Not likely. As soon as one event ends another takes its place seamlessly. They all sort of blend together into one long sale. I don’t know how car salesmen remember which one they’re on. Is it our end of the year deal or the beginning of the year deal? No wait, I think it’s the winter one. I bet they write it on their underwear as to not forget. I know I would.

I wonder who falls for this crap? “OMG honey, forget picking up the kids from school today. We gotta high tail it over to the GM dealership. They’re having their lowest prices of the year for a limited time only! HURRY!!!” As if the dealerships don’t offer that every. single. time.

Knowing my luck though, whenever I decide to buy a car, they’ll tell me, “Sorry, we’re not offering any special deals right now. You just missed it; the sale ended yesterday. Tough luck, pal. Looks like you’re gonna have to pay full price for that Geo Metro. As a matter of fact, we’re having our highest prices of the year today.”


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